Datsun to increase sales by launching new cars and expanding dealership networks

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Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor Corp is slowly establishing itself in India to matchup with performance of fellow compatriots Honda and Toyota through introduction of new models. Even though it had entered Indian markets by a successful partnership and had a few popular models, it was unable to compete with their multiple brands strategy.

Datsun GO

The firm has therefore developed a strategic sales plan to achieve success by reviving its Datsun Go brand and also introducing two new models in forthcoming years. In the financial year of 2013 depressed global economic conditions also filtered down to India creating havoc across automotive sector leading to loss of profits and shortfall of 34 billion in profits. Though Nissan had winners like Micra and Sunny it was unable to sell sufficient quantities due to lack of dealerships.

Therefore Nissan is not taking any chances with the launch of its Datsun Go to be launched in 2014 which is indigenously produced at its Indian manufacturing facility. To position this model as a mass market product Nissan will adopt a unique campaign across large and small towns so prospective customers can get a better feel of the car. The firm plans to collect customer feedback over the months before its launch so it can make improved variants with this feedback and then launch them after base model. Nissan will also launch road show campaigns as a part of this strategy to build interest around the model.

The Datsun Go hatchback will be available in markets of Russia, Indonesia and South Africa besides India by April 2014 to be followed by a seven seater MPV/Minivan variant likely to be named as Go+ by end of 2014. Presently all Nissan cars are being sold through multi-brand dealer networks but firm wishes to establish company owned dealerships in small towns wherein its presence is limited. Datsun hatchback car is likely to be available in only petrol variant and will be available below INR 4 lakhs whereas the larger Go+ variant will have both diesel and petrol fuel options. Nissan expects both these models to contribute more than a third of company’s sales figures in India.

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Datsun to increase sales by launching new cars and expanding dealership networks, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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